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Case study


Decoy has an polymorphic Image model that should be used to store all model images.


Add the Bkwld\Decoy\Models\Traits\HasImages trait to models that have images:

class Article extends Base {
  use \Bkwld\Decoy\Models\Traits\HasImages;


From the frontend, you can use the img() helper provided by the trait that was added to access a particular Image for your model. Then, chain on one of the Image accessors. For example:

$article->img()->url; # Shorthand for $article->img('image')->url;
# /uploads/1/1/image1.jpg

# /uploads/1/1/image2-400x200.jpg

# /background-image: url('/uploads/1/1/image2-400x200.jpg');background-position: 20% 30%;

# <img src="/background-image: url('/uploads/1/1/image2-400x200.jpg');" alt="I am alt">

# <div style="background-image: url('/uploads/1/1/image2-400x200.jpg');background-position: 20% 30%;" role="img" aria-label="I am alt" class="marquee"></div>

If no image exists, the response will be an empty string. For instance:



Add images to the $rules on a model like:

$rules = [
  'images.default' => 'required',
  'images.listing' => 'required|mimes:png'


The Bkwld\Decoy\Collections\Base collection that all models return adds some helpers for adding cropped images to models before they get serialized. See the model docs.