A Laravel model-based CMS
By Bukwild

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Case study


  1. Add to your app with composer require bkwld/decoy

  2. Add Bkwld\Decoy\ServiceProvider::class to the providers in your Laravel’s app config file.

  3. Add the following config to the aliases in your Laravel’s app config file:

     'Decoy' => Bkwld\Decoy\Facades\Decoy::class,
     'DecoyURL' => Bkwld\Decoy\Facades\DecoyURL::class,
  4. Publish the migrations, config files, and public assets by running php artisan vendor:publish --provider="Bkwld\Decoy\ServiceProvider"

  5. Run the migrations by running php artisan migrate

Next, see the quick start for tips on your first install.


Decoy is tested to support the following browsers:

Version history

See the Github “Releases” history.